Fahy Law are now representing many residential mortgage holders in Ireland, who may be entitled to significant and substantial interest rate rebates from Banks, Building Societies and vulture funds. In some instances, we are challenging the validity of the underlying contract and mortgage. Fahy Law has established a nationwide network of independent Legal Firms to act as their agents and to assist qualifying clients.






There is large group of residential mortgage holders in Ireland, who we believe are entitled to significant refunds from their Bank or Building Society, once they meet certain very specific qualifying criteria.

Based on the average initial mortgage amount and some other variable factors we are estimating that the average rebates will be between €20,000 and €30,000.

In order to process this large number of claims quickly and efficiently, Fahy Law have established a network of law firms throughout Ireland, who are regulated by the Law Society and who practice independently of each other.

Qualifying Criteria

Our Legal Experts have identified two categories of mortgage holders in Ireland who may be eligible for rebates, which will be processed in two different phases.

Phase One: [ open now ]

  • You bought your home between the 1st January, 2000 and the 1st January 2005
  • The Property was purchased as a residence: as a family home, whether you are single, married or co-habiting.
  • You still have the same mortgage or a top-up of the same mortgage and you did not switch
    It does not matter that your Mortgage Provider sold on your mortgage to another Bank or Vulture Fund.
  • You had a fixed or variable mortgage

It does not matter whether you are up to date with your mortgage repayments or that you have come to an arrangement with your financial institution.

Phase Two: [ opens June 14th ]

  • Secondhand Houses bought between 1st January, 2000 and 1st January, 2005
  • New and secondhand houses bought between 1 January, 2005 and 14 October, 2008





We will carry out due diligence to ascertain if you meet the qualifying criteria. Then it is up to you if you wish us to proceed with the legal process of claiming your rebate.

As part of this process we retain expert independent financial experts to determine the value of misapplied interest rates charged and rebates.

We will manage, arbitrate and where necessary prosecute your legal entitlements, whether or not all sums due are to be extinguished and/or you are entitled to substantial rebates of interest by way of a liquidated debt.

Fees and Costs

There is an engagement fee of €395 including VAT, which is only payable once we have conducted the necessary due diligence, established that you meet the qualifying criteria and you have decided to proceed.

This fee includes a fee of €200 (including VAT) to process your claim and €195 for Court Fees.

On the successful conclusion of a rebate for you, further fees will be due to us, which will be 25% of this amount plus VAT.

This example is based on what we believe is the average mortgage
Recovered Liquidated Debt€30,000.00
Fees 25% For Recovered Liquidated Debt€7,500.00
VAT @ 23%€1,725.00
Balance due to you€20,775.00

Note: In the unlikely event that we do not succeed on your behalf no further fee is due by you.

Our confidence in the integrity of our service is that at Fahy Law we manage your claim with the highest standards of integrity and ethics.

Do I Qualify?
Tick Each Box If The Answer Is Yes To Each Of The Following

Were you offered the Mortgage between Jan 1st 2000 and Jan 1st 2005?
You did NOT switch Mortgage Providers? (Read Qualifying Criteria on the left)
You have/had a fixed or variable rate mortgage?
You were not offered either a tracker rate, fixed rate or variable rate mortgage by your Bank / Building Society / Mortgage Broker before your loan was sanctioned?