About Fahy Law

Fahy Law is a dynamic and reputable legal firm established by managing partner Siobhan Fahy Solicitor in 1984. Siobhan is an experienced litigator who is now representing many residential mortgage holders in Ireland who may be entitled to substantial interest rate rebates form Banks, Building Societies and vulture funds who now own their mortgage loans. To this end, Fahy Law have brought together a nationwide network of independent legal firms to assist qualifying candidates and to explain and guide them through the process.

Siobhan Fahy

The managing partner of the firm, Siobhan Fahy has vast and proven experience in managing and successfully resolving multi-party significant legal claims and arbitrations in the Republic of Ireland. Siobhan is now issuing and prosecuting these large volume of cases, backed up by a nationwide network of independent legal firms throughout the country.

If I can be any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

Siobhan Fahy

Member of The Law Society of Ireland

Arbitrator, Law Society of Ireland Panel

Ex officio President Bar Association